NINNEKO — Adorable But Deadly Ninja Cats

The worlds of cryptocurrency and video games are rapidly clashing. The terms “free-to-play” and “play-to-earn” refer to a new generation of gaming experiences. One way or another, the NFT gaming boom is on its way. Ninneko is an excellent illustration of where things could go in the near future.

Ninneko’s team began with three young gamers who dreamed of bringing local culture to the world of video games and has since grown to 30 members. Over the course of 10 years, they developed a slew of successful online games, including a dozen prize winners. For example, their game Kungfu Feet won the national TV game contest Bluebird in 2015.

Ninneko is a captivating NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain in which players earn money by nurturing Ninneko and assembling lineups to defeat enemies in PvP/PvE battles and campaigns.The key difference between Ninneko and other normal NFT games is that our fellow players retain ownership of in-game assets and can vote on game improvements. As a result, our consumers may enjoy the game while our investors benefit.

The team is now performing a whitelist registration in preparation for the first public purchase via the LZPad IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in November. So, here’s some information on the game:

Ninneko characters are separated into six factions: Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth, and Yin Yang, with the following control cycle: Thunder — Earth — Wind — Water — Fire — Thunder. This is a “dominant-submissive” connection, in which one element restricts or properly controls another by 30% damage in battle. Ninnekos’ five classes are Warrior, Mage, Support, Ranger, and Assassin.

The Ninneko tokenomics are $MATA, or Matatabi Tokens, an in-game currency, and $NINO, or Ninneko token, a BEP-20 utility/governance token for the Ninneko Game. Players can spend $MATA within the game to breed new Ninneko, purchase multiple items, and earn tokens by playing the game, especially by winning PvP battles.

Whereas MATA has an unlimited supply, $NINO is limited to a maximal supply of 200 million. The spent $MATA is burned, but $NINO is reallocated to the Community Treasury. The goal of introducing $NINO tokens is to provide a convenient mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem of Ninneko Game. Players use $NINO tokens to pay for the Ninneko breeding fee.

Ninneko is committed to providing a fair and safe environment for our fellow players, where inflation is controlled and cheat/bot are detected.

In comparison to other NFT games that simply focus on grinding, Ninneko offers a massive event system that includes daily, weekly, monthly, holiday, and various tournaments: Arena, Grand Arena, and All Stars Arena, all of which guarantee magnificent rewards.

Everything has grown to provide the ideal environment for Ninneko game to eventually make a mark in the business and in the minds of gamers. The genie is already out of the bottle; players just need to show the rest of the world what they can accomplish with it.



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